Reflections on Guest Lecturers
Did any speaker(s) have an impact on you? What surprised you?


Management for Information Professionals had a wide array of amazing speakers such as;

  • Clare Murnane, the founder of S.L.I.P.
  • Mike Gogan, the Head of Customer Language at AIB and Associate Partner at Dark Angels.
  • Niamh O’Sullivan, Director of Library & Research Services at the Irish Blood Transfusion Services.
  • Monica Crump, Head of Collections at James Hardiman Library NUI Galway
  • Meadhbh Murphy, Archivist at University College Dublin.
  • Katherine McSherry Head of Communications & Outreach at the National Library of Ireland.
  • Laura Rooney Ferris, Systems Librarian – Repository Manager at Health Service Executive.
  • John Cox, University Librarian, Chair of the Digital Library Group, Partner in Digital Publishing and Innovation.
  • Dr John Howard, University Librarian and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Informatics at University College Dublin.
  • Brian Nolan, Director and Joint Creative Director at Detail. Design Studio.
  • Brian McMahon Creator and Curator of the award-winning blog


While all the guest speakers were really interesting and had a lot to offer our class through their lectures, the ones I really found interesting where Meadhbh Murphy, Brian Nolan and Brian McMahon.


Brian Nolan

          Brian Nolan, is the founding partner of DETAIL. DESIGN STUDIO. Which is a creatively-led design and communication company. DETAIL, specialise in identity, print communications and interactive design projects, large and small, simple and complex. Brian Nolan specialises in brand development, Corporate Identity systems, Information design, Exhibition design, Book design, Interactive, Event marketing, Advertising.

          Brian Nolans talk was really interesting with great visuals. It was really interesting to learn more about what I have categorised as specialised brand marketing. I found Nolans talk highly interesting and have visited their site to learn more about their intern programmes.


          DETAIL, run an internship programme for graduates of Irish design colleges which accepts applications in June each year, (Threex3). Brian Nolan and Paul McBride from Detail and Ciarán O’Gaora from ZeroG, have established an internship programme. According to their website, internships are a common and an integral aspect of European design education, however, the practice of “learning through professional practice” has never been successfully established or negotiated by Education and Industry here in Ireland. The programme, therefore, set out to redress the lack of any established internship programmes for graduate and emerging designers in Ireland. I am not one hundred per cent sure I’m qualified to apply or if it would, in fact, be for me, but I am exploring the option more as I think a niché internship could help differentiate my C.V and be a great opportunity to network.




Brian McMahon

          Brian McMahon is the Creator and Curator of the award-winning blog Brian McMahons’  lecture was really interesting and I found I was really interested in the concept of digital curation, in the way he correlated the website to be both social and historical at the same time.

          My interest in this perhaps falls to my undergraduate degree in Humanities that focused on History and Philosophy or perhaps it’s just my innate nose-yness that loves looking at older pictures. I was surprised by my interest in the blog and have been discussing it with the museum I volunteer within Athy to potentially see about displaying an exhibition at some stage in the future.




Meadhbh Murphy

          Meadhbh Murphy is an Archivist in UCD Archives. As a member of them, archives team Meadhbh is involved in the cataloguing of historically important Irish collections, helping researchers with their enquiries. She is also a member of the Library Outreach Coordination Group. For the past four years, Meadhbh has given a number of Guest Lectures in the Management for Information Professionals Course and for the History of Education Course in UCD. Meadhbh has also given talks to various historical societies, universities and associations around Ireland from her extensive work in Archives.

          Meadhbh is the creator and manager of the UCD Cultural Heritage Collections Blog, where she liaises with the various cultural heritage units to post, interesting blog posts highlighting their wonderful and in some cases unknown material every two weeks. UCD’s Cultural Heritage Collections blog won the Arts & Culture category at the Irish Blog Awards 2018. Furthermore, Meadhbh is lead project manager for an intervarsity collaborative project to digitise Irish medical illustration collections with potential funding from Wellcome Trust.

          Meadhbh Murphy’s talk and details of her career as an archivist inspired me to research further into what exactly an archivist does and what their role pertains, in regards to a career. GradIreland describes an Archivists as a person who assembles, catalogues, preserves and manages historically valuable collections of information, which may exist in a wide variety of formats. Archivists locate, preserve and store records to a professional standard. They are responsible for implementing the management and administration of records and storage and retrieval of collections. This includes assisting users and answering enquiries, promotional work including exhibitions, presentations or media work, as well as the curatorial skills of selecting, arranging and cataloguing archives. In addition, archivists at a more senior level will also carry out management tasks as they take control of budgets, staff and strategy.

          I was surprisingly inspired by Meadhbhs talk and as a result have been looking into furthering my education in perhaps U.C.D’s MA Archives & Records Management programme. This is surprising for me as I had initially been looking into a more creative route to use my Library and Information Studies qualification, such as something like Brian Nolan’s company Detail or perhaps a museum or specialised library work. I haven’t completely written off either of these routes but I have been investigating this surprising third road of archives more and more since Meadhdhs talk.



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