Reflection on overall learning and experience in IS40370 Management for Informational Professional


            On reflecting on my overall learning and experience in the Management for Informational Professional class, my first instinct is that I really enjoyed the class. I found the setup of the class really interesting, the guest speakers that came to speak to us were very informational, as they formed a wide array of careers I hadn’t previously known were operational or available from the Library and Information Science course.

            The coursework for the class was very practical and correlated well with other classes I was also taking this term. The ePortfolio was enjoyable to do as the posts could be tailored to suit our own writing and presentational style but still allowed us to learn more about the topics at hand. The blog post also helped us engage more with the topics we were learning, such as our first blogs topic being Collaboration, and we as a class having engaged so thoroughly with Collaboration during the Scavenger Hunt and again currently working on our Case Study project.


            The Blog Posts are also extremely useful as an ePortfolio, which we have found out from Informational Professionals and other guest speakers, are very beneficial when applying for jobs in the future as they show, you can undertake  running a blog, but are also a great display of your writing style and thought process, through how you engaged with the blog questions and topics.


            I really enjoyed management for Information professional as a class and as a learning experience, it was one of the only classes where we actively engaged with our other classmates. It was also an interesting learning experience as it differed from other classes academic knowledge bases foundations and presented us with real-world experiences from people who had also completed a Library or Information Science course or who we had common learning experiences with, the class was taught more through guest speakers experiences than traditional lecturing which made it very intriguing and enjoyable. Our lecturer Jane Burns made the course really enjoyable and inviting as everything was explained really well with no confusion of what was expected of us as a class. I would definitely recommend management for Information Professionals as a course to anyone interested or eligible to enrol.

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